About Frying JElly

We’re dedicated to building inimitably original global hits with rich worlds & IP

We’re a fresh and small but growing American-Polish-Dutch independent game studio with endless ambition. We’re driven by the sheer need to outpour otherworldly creations that amaze, inspire and engross. We bring to life our unique games and worlds as captivating & competitive singleplayer and multiplayer experiences that are easy to play, hard to master.

Games are central to Frying Jelly but not the end and be all of our operations and ambitions. Our rich worlds stretch beyond games to the digital and the physical realm, ranging from animations, art and comics, to merchandise. We don’t just make games. We build awesome IP!


  • Growing social media audience of 150,000 followers on our studio and brand accounts.
  • Investment from Dutch game industry angels and seed capital from American-Polish SMOK Ventures.
  • Covered by press such as TheGamer, PC Gamer and EDGE Magazine.
  • Praised and advised by game industry veterans, from 1047 Games to DoubleFine Productions.

In a Nutshell

Our mission

To create competitive games that are unlike any other games you’ve seen with engrossing worlds you can get lost in. Worlds we can build upon perpetually. Worlds beyond games.

Our Vision

To match boundless creativity with technical and conceptual innovation. To become a household name with respect to these values all over the world.

Our methods

We approach game development holistically, considering game design, mechanics, fun as well as marketing, the world, and all of their potential and long-term future from the get-go.

Partners & Press

Smok VC