A forgotten patch of land once housed an off-site factory where government officials acted in an unofficial capacity, set on building an army of brains in vats. This clandestine project was dubbed “Frying Jelly”.

The project was successful, and the brain army was born. Free of corporeal encumberment and bolstered with synthetic cerebral spinal fluid developed by a defected Chernobyl engineer, these vat brains could endure perpetual mental labor.

We are those brains. We were saved by a morally confused scientist whose moral compass ultimately did point him towards our salvation. He put our brains back into our bodies. Our bodies remained the same, but our brains were not. We had acquired new creative powers.

Some of us decided to take control of these powers. With the highly advanced project tech and help from defectors, we built our own off-site factory: a studio where we could continue to fry our brains, but to create games. We are game studio Frying Jelly.

It has come to our attention that many governments used to run this experiment for decades. Perhaps even as recently as the 90s. Have you been saved from such a project?

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